Shaping the future of satellite communications
Today and Tomorrow: Satellite’s Critical Role in Our FutureSaturday, September 14
Satellite Network Calculator
Let us take you on a journey with Newtec’s Satellite Network Calculator (SNC). In this session, we will explore its history, value and domains in which it may be deployed as well as its outcome, featuring link budgets, geographic deployment simulations, business cases, logistics, mission planning and education.
WTA Certification Program Overview
WTA will give an introduction to the association and its programs, followed by details on how certification delivers business value for teleport operators. Randall Barney, Director of Certification & Membership, WTA will give an overview of the Certification program and introduction to its processes and deliverables.
Broadcast in Light of 5G: What Will It Look Like?
We take a glimpse into the future and analyze the role that 5G will play in the future of broadcasting, and satellite’s part in the delivery of 5G networks. 5G holds the potential to transform how broadcasters operate, and to take their offerings to a completely new level. Now is the time for broadcasters to develop their businesses for a 5G future. We explore how.
OTT & All-IP – Why is Satellite the Key Enabler?
As OTT video becomes more and more popular, delivery challenges become more apparent.
Two real-life use cases will address the essential role that satellite plays, whether that is delivering high quality content to DTH Customer Premises Equipment or feeding a Content Delivery Networks.
LEO & MEO – Where are ‘New’ Orbits Taking Us?
The first of the MEO/LEO satellite constellations that we have been anticipating for so long are now in orbit. What are the prospects for these LEO/MEO broadband and smallsat IoT constellations? Who will succeed and with what business model?